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movies for guys dvd review Patriot Games
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr. 56 min.
Starring: Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Sean Bean

MFG Rating: 4/5

DVD Features

Video: Not widescreen enhanced, but otherwise the picture is extremely good.

Audio: Watch out, it defaults to Dolby Digital 2.0 although DD 5.1 is available. The soundtrack is surprisingly good considering the age of the movie and the DVD.

Extras: You get a trailer and nothing else.

DVD Quick Take

Patriot Games is the second Tom Clancy novel to be turned into a movie. This time out, we have Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan, who we originally met in The Hunt for Red October. In this story, Dr. Ryan gets tangled up with radical IRA terrorists. And Ford turns in his usual excellent performance.

Movies that were produced before DVDs were even in existence often make for darned mediocre transfers. This disc is a very pleasant exception though. We wish the picture were widescreen enhanced, but the letterboxed image you get is quite excellent. Likewise for the audio. Be sure to select the Dolby Digital 5.1 track if your theater is so equipped as it is NOT the default on this DVD. If you do, you'll get some very lively sound.

Overall, if you're a Clancy or Harrison Ford fan, this DVD belongs in your collection along with Clear and Present Danger.

- Billy Bob

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Vital Stats

Gun Play
Everyone is packing except for Jack Ryan, go figure.

Blood & Gore
Lots of people getting shot, but nothing terribly graphic.

Car Chases
Jack is obviously whipped, the wife has the Porsche.

One scene with skimpy bra and panties...

Nope, pretty serious stuff here.