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movie review Bruce Almighty
Rated PG-13
Runtime: 1hr 34min
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Lisa Ann Walter, Nora Dunn

MFG Rating: 4/5

Thank Bruce, Jim Carrey finally did a movie that plays to his comic strengths instead of doing another heavy handed drama like The Majestic.

Carrey plays the role of Bruce Nolan, a small time television reporter who really wants a chance to be an anchor. When he's denied the position one time too many, he finally snaps while on the air live and has a few choice words for the station he works for. Bruce is certain God has it in for him, and continues to rant to his HOT girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) about how he could do it better if he were God.

As things go in the movies, God decides it's time for Him to take a vacation and teach Bruce a lesson at the same time. After Bruce finally responds to a very insistent page and goes to the Omni Presents company for a job interview, he finds himself endowed with all of God's powers. Well, obviously not all of them or he'd know exactly what was about to happen and could correct his mistakes before they occur, but then the movie would be a little too short.

Anyway, Bruce reacts like most of us would when put in this sort of situation. First, disbelief which is quelled by performing a few small miracles. Second, exuberance which causes him (or should that be Him at this point of the review?) to play around with the power... new car, new boobs for Grace, etc. Third, consequences, which had to be there of course.

The movie really is about learning what's really important in life and concentrating your energies there instead of going for the silly stuff. To me the movie got this point across with good use of humor and comedy, and I never felt as if I were being preached to unlike other reviewers. Carrey is in prime form this time out and I really wish he'd stick to doing these types of movies instead of the dramas, but until God gives me the power, I suspect this wish won't be coming true.

- John




Vital Stats

Gun Play
One gun, but it's not threatening.

Blood & Gore
No, not even close.

Car Chases
Bruce drives a kickin car, but doesn't chase anyone.

Jennifer's grow, but we don't get to see them bare, or even close to bare.

Some great laughs, Carrey is in good form.