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movie review Bad Company
Rated PG-13
Runtime: 1hr 57min
Starring: Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, Gabriel Macht, John Slattery, Peter Stormare

MFG Rating: 2/5

Bad Company is a big time under achiever. First off, we have Anthony Hopkins, a truly great actor. He's paired with funnyman Chris Rock in a Jerry Bruckheimer film which is directed by Joel Schumacher. With talent like this, you might think this is a "can't miss", but instead it proves that there really is no such thing.

Chris Rock stars in Bad CompanyFurthermore, Bad Company may be one of the last films that presents terrorism in a somewhat light and fluffy manner. It is one of those movies that was caught in limbo due to the events of 9/11. Originally scheduled to be released last fall, it was forced to be delayed and even now it may not get some of the laughs it was going for because people take the entire premise of terrorism much more seriously.

The story here is that a CIA operative is killed just prior to completing his mission to buy a nuclear device on the black market and get it out of potentially unfriendly hands. Turns out that said CIA operative has a twin brother who is an underachieving street hustler. Both roles are played by Chris Rock. The straightman here is the CIA veteran in charge of the mission played by Anthony Hopkins. He recruits the street smart twin brother to try to help complete the mission.

Among the problems this movie has, one is that it really doesn't know what it wants to be. It has elements of thriller, action and comedy. And even the premise itself is one part mismatched partner/buddy movie and one part fish out of water comedy. What results is a totally mediocre effort.

There are some pretty good action sequences in the movie. And there are also a few laughs, but you will have seen most of them in the trailer and TV commercials. The thriller aspect of the movie is totally ineffective. Whatever tension might have been created is tempered by Rock constantly flinging one liners. Worse still, we've seen so many movies like this one that it is totally predictable.

The formula used to produce this film has lost it's effectiveness in today's world unfortunately. I'm not sure we would've liked this movie any better had we seen it prior to 9/11, but I can say that today it did virtually knotting for us. At least the occasional gun fire kept us awake! This one can definitely wait for DVD...

- Billy Bob

Vital Stats

Gun Play
Many guns, including several automatics.

Blood & Gore
Just the occasional flesh wound.

Car Chases
A big assed Mercedes goes offroading...

A nice garter and stockings shot...

A few, but no where near as many as they were expecting.